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For Safer and More Secure Smart Cities and Enterprises


Whether you need a CCTV security solution, custom video surveillance analytics, customer loyalty analysis or contactless biometrics against COVID-19, we have the right solutions for you.


RMA provides an AI-based biometric authentication solution that does more than detecting a person’s face. Leveraging on world-class AI algorithms, our solution can be deployed onsite to secure business premises, airports, transportation hubs, commercial centres, shopping malls and urban neighbourhood.

Combining AI, cognition and connectivity, RMA’s Facial Recognition solution is designed to conduct face searches, detect emotions while tracking eye gazes and body gestures allowing real-time and accurate face detection, face recognition and face tracking.

Harness AI-driven Facial Recognition and Augmented Reality solutions to secure your businesses and drive new revenue streams.

Public Safety: CCTV Surveillance with Facial Recognition

Detect and identify a person or a group of people over a wide area in real time for surveillance purposes. Whether you are in law enforcement of property management, you can now leverage on cutting-edge technologies in Facial Recognition, video structure analysis, crowd density monitoring, license plate recognition and body-worn cameras.

Visitor Management System with Facial Recognition

Increase security and improve check-in efficiency for your premises. Our Visitor Management System (VMS) with Facial Recognition makes it easier for organisations to facilitate facial recognition check-in processes for visitors and  guests arriving on-site. VMS integrates seamlessly to your attendance system and greatly enhances your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

SAFE ENTRY: Contactless FR Panel with Temperature Taking for Contact Tracing

Take your temperature without having to touch any surface, reduce risk of human-to-human transmission and at the same time, comply to SafeEntry and contact tracing guidelines now available via our Contactless Facial Recognition Panels with temperature tagging or our Edge Devices with thermal scanning Imaging Solution.

Augmented Reality

RMA offer government agencies and enterprises with innovative Augmented Reality (AR) solutions that can bring significant transformation to many business areas – in terms of productivity, competitiveness as well as the provision of new and innovative services. Our AR solution simulates real life environment, surpassing the physical space while creating a completely immersive user or visitor experience!


RMA's Facial Recognition solution is trained to examine vast numbers of images with a self-learning algorithm for increasingly refined image analysis.



Heighten security or provide an exclusive experience to your VIP customer with intelligent video analysis - with blacklist and whitelist options, identify an individual quickly with time and date stamp.



Designed with GDPR Compliance in mind meaning individual identities remain secure and safe.



RMA's Facial Recognition solution can be deployed in banks, government agencies, hotels, healthcare and retail settings, and ensuring your customer verification journey is innovative and fully secured.